Spring is on its way, and if you are like us - you are really looking forward to a change this year. One of the best ways to change up your hair color is to invest in highlights. Think about it: you don’t have to deal with the commitment that comes with a full head of new, permanent color; and the maintenance can be so much easier. There is no better way to get a lived-in, sun-kissed look!

Of course, highlights can be executed in a myriad of ways, and if you’ve done any research or scanned Instagram looking for inspiration pictures, you’ve probably seen the phrases “foil highlights, balayage, foilayage, ombré and hand painted." With so many types of highlights out there - its impossible to figure them out on your own.

Enter the professionals at Hudson & Fouquet and our new "Balayage Package." We want to take the guesswork out of your next highlight appointment, while customizing a look that may require several different techniques. Custom highlights are our specialty here at H&F, and instead of having a confusing, extensive color menu with varying prices that frankly don't make any sense, we offer a beautiful experience that will allow you and your stylist to collaborate on the perfect look!

Our Custom Balayage Package includes:

  • a custom lightening service; balayage, foiliage, teasylights - whatever it takes!
  • Olaplex treatment - it's special bonding technology preserves the integrity of your hair
  • a custom toning gloss so that you have the EXACT shade of highlight you are looking for
  • a hair cut with our signature blowout to give you the perfect photo finish "for the gram."

For those of you who want every day to be a good hair day, we also offer our Custom Balayage Maintenance Package, which is meant to maintain your highlights every six weeks. This package includes a custom FUSIO dose, custom toner gloss refresh, bang trim and our signature blowout - how awesome is that?