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We’ve all heard different information on whether you should wash your hair or not before visiting the salon to refresh your locks. A common question, there is a lot of misinformation out there but the short-answer is that it really depends on the service you’re getting. In this article we’ll dive into the different types of salon services available at H&F Salon and whether you should come to the salon with clean - or not so clean - hair.


Before we dive in, let’s quickly touch on how we define clean and dirty hair. While it may seem pretty straightforward, depending on your scalp health, hair texture, and other environmental factors - you may wash your hair daily or even weekly.

So how do we define clean hair? Simple really; your hair has been shampooed and conditioned within the past 24 - 48 hours, depending on your hair type.

Then there’s dirty. We all have our own definitions of dirty, but from a H&F Salon perspective this is considered hair that is overly oily and often contains a lot of product build up. If your service starts with a wash then dirty hair is fine, but it’s important to note the differences due to personal preferences.

Now, let’s dive in to the different services provided by H&F Salon and whether you should wash or not.


Short answer: Clean hair please!

While we want you to feel pampered and enjoy the experience of a relaxing shampoo, it’s ideal for first time clients to visit the salon with clean hair. Since this is likely our first time meeting you, we want to see how you typically style your hair; where you part it and what preferences are. This way, we can understand your hair needs a bit better and how we can best serve you - then comes the relaxing shampoo.


Short answer: No need to wash

Most salons begin haircut services with a wash then cut your hair while still wet - and H&F Salon is no exception. If you’re coming in for a haircut, we’ll start off with a shampoo and conditioning regiment before cutting your hair - then finish up with a blow dry. The blow dry is important since hair loses elasticity when dry and will appear slightly shorter when wet, and we want to make sure you’re happy with your look before leaving the salon! In some cases, if it’s better to cut your hair dry we’ll still wash and blow dry before the cut so you’ll leave with that salon-fresh feel!


Short answer: No need to wash

There’s nothing better than getting a blow out before a long weekend away or some other fun activity. If you’re coming into the salon for a blow out, expect the full treatment of wash, dry and style before leaving the salon. Since we’ll handle it all for you, there’s no need to wash your hair before visiting the salon.


Short answer: Clean hair, please!

If this answer is surprising to you, you’re not alone! When hair color and highlights became more common (think 1960’s and 70’s) the products used were extremely harsh and filled with chemical components that would cause scalp irritation. To protect the scalp, clients were asked to come to the salon with dirty hair, allowing the layer of oil and buildup to serve as a barrier between the harshness of the chemicals and the skin.

Today, color has evolved dramatically and now no longer uses harsh chemicals and additives - which is great for both your scalp health and hair! This also means that any build up or oil can cause the color to not penetrate the hair strands as deep, ultimately not giving you the look you want. For best results when getting highlights or hair color, come to the salon with clean hair.


Short answer: Clean hair, please!

If you’re getting extensions for the first time, you’ll likely learn that washing and caring for your thicker, longer hair can take some added effort and time getting used to. To avoid having to prematurely wash your new look, come to the salon for your extension appointment with clean hair. If you’re having your extensions moved up, same rule goes; it’s better to place clean extensions in clean hair to avoid additional buildup!


Short answer: Clean hair, please!

While some hair types may hold better the second or third day of washing, in most cases it’s best to visit the salon with clean, dry hair. Despite what you may have heard before proms and formal dances back in the day, it’s actually preferable to work with hair that is free of oil and buildup. If a little extra texture is needed your stylist can easily add this using texture spray, too!


While services differ and we’ve all heard varying things over the years, the hair industry and products we use have evolved dramatically to allow for healthier styling and coloring, and this has changed the need for hair to remain unwashed. Unless your service includes a shampoo, the rule of thumb should be to visit the salon with clean hair. If you’re ever unsure of what to do, feel free to call the salon or ask your H&F Stylist what they prefer during your next reservation!